About 25 years ago I began building and flying kites again. Before that time I flew kites as a little boy in Amsterdam. I had to fly my kites in the street or in a park with a lot of trees. They were just ordinary Eddy kites at the time and they were constructed from wrapping paper and wood.

Now I build modern kites using ripstop-nylon. I mainly build kites in the Edo style. I like the bridles of these kites and I like to cover the surface with sophisticated graphics. I use applique techniques to make the illustrations. Applique is a multi-layer technique that comes from sewing different colors of ripstop together and cutting away what isn’t needed to build the illustration.

I am Bas Vreeswijk and I live with my wife Sara in Haaksbergen. It’s a small town in the eastern part of the Netherlands. On the portfolio page you will see a selection of the kites I have built in recent years. It’s incomplete but I hope you like them.
We travel a lot and visit many kite festivals. Recently, Cervia-Italy, Dieppe-France, Dieppe-Canada, Fanó-Danmark, Ahmedebad-India, Balikpapan-Borneo, Bedford, Clethorps, Wirral and Sunderland-Great Britain, Niagara Falls-USA and many more.

In the past few years I have combined my two hobbies, kite flying and photography. This is called Kite Aerial Photography or in short KAP. I connect a camera to my flying line and take pictures from above.

If you want some information about my kites, workshops, applique, exhibitions of my kites, Kite Aerial Photography or if you want me to make a kite for you please send me an email message and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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